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Plants vs Zombies 2 Download Free Full Version

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Plants vs Zombies 2 now has a game vaforit many people , including myself and you too . Actually I 've got two articles that have explained the preview and also IAPnya complete system . But I still feel the need to give a review after playing this game long enough . Overall those who have iOS gadget required to have this one game . Unfortunately there is no word when the Android version will be out .

Plants vs Zombies 2


Gameplay of Plants vs Zombies 2 is similar to the first version , you have to defend a home from zombie attacks coming from the right. PvZ 2 also has several plants ( towers ) as well as some classics from the previous tower . But the most significant change is not on the core gameplay , but of how you progress to the next level .

Plants vs. Zombies to the world is divided into 3 different themes ranging from ancient times until the machine cowboy theme . Each world consists of about 20 levels , but not all of the levels can be played directly . There are several gates that must be opened by using a key . This key obtained from normal play , but the possibility of its drop rate is quite small so you may have to repeat some key levels to gain .

In the world there are approximately 1 to 4 gate you open with a key . Each gate had to be opened with a key lock as much as 4-6 , so you can imagine that Plants vs Zombies 2 will force you to do a little grinding . But of course if you do not like grinding then you can pay Rp . 19,000 to open the gate instantly .

After the business is completed then the next gate you have to deal with the star . Stars needed to progress to the next world . If you complete all the levels as much as 1x the stars that ye may not be enough to bring you to the next world and this means you have to repeat a level to earn stars . But as you repeat a level will be a challenge to be met , for example not to lose 1 plants . If you fail to meet this challenge there will be no star though you beat level.

For gameplay variations Plants vs. Zombies 2 offers more modes such as matching tile carried by zombies or you will be given a number of sun in the beginning and had to build plants with a limited budget . In addition there is a new fashion in every world that is not directly an endless tower but with a progressive level system .

Overall Plants vs Zombies 2 is not too much different from previous series . But this time you have to do the actual grinding is not a bad thing . I have fun with the process , although sometimes a level grindingnya can be quite difficult and require 3-4 times the experiment to find the proper placement of plants . But you can clearly see the shift from a casual game to game a little mid - core .


Plants vs Zombies 2 have excellent graphic quality . Graphics are much sharper and detailed than the previous version but still rely on two dimensional style . With so many variations of plants and zombies I guess you 'll never get tired of seeing the image displayed by the PvZ 2 . Sound and music are also still using shades that are similar to the previous series so that the terms of the presentation of Plants vs Zombies 2 will make you very familiar with the game if you 've never played the series before.

Pricing & IAP

I already have a detailed article about the pricing & IAPnya here . In conclusion , Plants vs Zombies 2 does have a lot of points that can be used as an IAP but up until now I did not feel the need to buy IAP , although it is a tower like Jalapeno very tempting to buy . But fortunately some power ups that you can use as sold running game ( no need to buy if you are patient enough to play ) .

Plants vs Zombies 2 is a super fun game to play. Although many IAP is implemented in this game but there is no obligation to buy . I do not mind even if it had to pay Rp 9500-19000 for this game and still have the same IAP . Plants vs Zombies 2 does not have a significant improvement , but improvement here and there to make this game must be owned by you .

Plants vs Zombies 2 Download Free Full Version ..... soon
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